Call Us Today! 570-766-8734

1609 Route 507 PO Box 246, Greentown, PA 18426

Call Us Today! 570-766-8734

1609 Route 507 PO Box 246, Greentown, PA 18426 

From the stump to the wall, we do it all!

Our Workshop in Greentown


Luck Log Homes & Lumber Co. offers rough sawn lumber and log to lumber sawing services in Pike County and the surrounding areas. Call (570) 766-8734

We’ll saw your logs into lumber!

Luck Log Homes & Lumber Co. will gladly turn your logs into lumber for an hourly rate or on a per board foot basis. Our sawing services are ideal for woodworkers and craftsmen who intend to shape their project lumber on their own equipment. Luck Log Homes & Lumber Co. can deliver all species of wood indigenous to Pike, Wayne, and Monroe counties.

Looking for a more finished product?

Our wood shop is fully equipped and capable of everything from turned products to four-sided wood products. We can manufacture crown moulding, siding, base boards, chair rails, finished flooring, tongue & groove siding, and much more.


Woodshop Capabilities

With our Baker M-412 four sided planer-moulder, we are ideally situated for custom, short production runs. Set up time for new production runs can be as little as 30 minutes, and we are capable of producing product at a range of 10 linear feet per minute, up to 50 linear feet per minute.

We can offer 83 different product profiles, including, but not limited to:

  • Ship lap siding
  • 1 ½” thick tongue and groove flooring up to 12” wide
  • ¾” thick tongue and groove siding up to 12” wide
  • Log panel siding
  • Multiple crown moldings and casement shapes

Specialty Profiles are available at 84 Lumber in Lords Valley. Members of the Wayne-Pike Builders Association who buy on account at 84 Lumber in Lords Valley are entitled to a discount in addition to discounts already on record with 84 Lumber. All profiles other than items #1 - #5 must be purchased directly from the mill.

Product Brochure Items #1 - #5 Available at 84 Lumber

As seen on HGTV's Fixer Upper

Our Stack Cutter assures uniform lengths
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Our Machinery


Our Woodmizer LT35HD Fully Hydraulic Sawmill gives us the ability to produce rough sawn lumber products at production rates ranging between 100 and 500 board feet per hour. The Woodmizer thin-kerf mill provides extremely accurate milling, and our customers have told us that the finish is so clean they have used the product directly for their projects rather than planing the boards.

Our Woodmizer sawmill also gives us the capability to make shingles and tapered siding. See video for more information.

We are capable of delivering all species of wood indigenous to the Pike, Wayne and Monroe counties.

Labor of love


In it’s previous life, this dehumidification kiln was a refrigerated shipping container. That makes it a perfect container for a kiln as it was already insulated on all sides, the roof, and the floor. The interior is stainless steel, which is also ideally situated for a high humidity environment.

The kiln is fully automated with a computer controlling the all internal atmospheric measures, and constantly tracks changes in atmospherics based upon the moisture content of the lumber inside the kiln. This provides us with 365 day drying operations.

As example dry rates, we can dry up to 5,000 board feet of 4/4 pine from green to 8% MC in 10 to 15 days, or 5,000 board feet of 4/4 red oak from green to 8% MC in 30 to 35 days.